The Desk Phone Isn’t Dead

Written by Megan Szukala | September 13, 2017; 3:14 PM We reject the idea that the desk phone is dead. It’s still a critical part of the business communications...

Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing – What It Is, How You Can Protect Yourself, and How It Can Be Helpful

Caller ID spoofing has long since garnered infamy as a tool used for prank calling, scamming, and, most recently, swatting. And with the emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol...

Samsung WLAN for Business

Samsung’s WLAN Solution

Even in-home wifi has always been a bit of a crapshoot, but running a business on it? As the infamous Michael Felgate would strugglingly say: “Fo’get about it.” Samsung...

Smart Handover

Samsung SCM Phone System

The SCM Compact solution solves mobility management challenges in a cost effective manner that won’t drain your time or company resources. Why Choose the Samsung SCM? There are many...

ePhone 7 Business Phone

The New ePhone 7

The latest and greatest in business communication technology has arrived: the ePhone7, the most recent product from ESI, the thought leaders in business communication innovation. ESI just brought the...

Answering and Placing Calls on an ESI Phone

A short video from ESI on the basics of answering and placing calls using your ESI phone system.

Transferring Calls on an ESI Business Phone

A short video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) showing how easy it is to transfer calls using an ESI phone system.

Personal Greeting Keys on an ESI Business Telephone

A video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) showing how to set up Personal Greeting Keys on your ESI system phone, so you can simply choose the greeting that’s appropriate...

Call Waiting, Flash, and Virtual Answer on an ESI System

A short video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) showing how to use the call waiting, flash, and Virtual Answer features on your ESI phone system.

Programmable Feature Keys on an ESI Phone System

A short video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) describing how to use the hold and exclusive hold features on your ESI system’s phone.