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Northwest Telecom Now Offers Its Own Cloud Phone Service!

The same local, family-owned business you’ve trusted for premise-based phone systems now offers its own phone system in the cloud. Why choose NW Cloud Talk over other cloud providers? It’s simple — fast, friendly service!

Visit our Showroom!

Don’t feel pressured to purchase phones based on a photo in a proposal, test them for yourself! We built a showroom so you can try any phone we quoted… or even one we didn’t. All phones on display are real, working phones so you can test call quality and functionality. We want you to be completely satisfied with your selection. Can the other companies you are getting quotes from offer that?

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NW Cloud Talk offers a comprehensive suite of cloud telephony solutions to increase productivity at every business level. At NW Cloud Talk, we strive to deliver full-featured, next-generation business communications services to our valued customers with the highest degree of value, integrity, service, and support.

  • Business Voice Solutions
  • Rich Suite of UCC Services
  • Custom Installation, Delivery & Support
  • Unparalleled Service Uptime


Say goodbye to large upfront investments, complex management, hidden fees and long deployments with NW Cloud Talk hosted call center solutions. Our call center functionality is leading edge technology with call back, call whisper, call barge features and all the real-time reporting and metrics you demand at a fraction of the costs.


With NW Cloud Talk IP FAX solutions, get a little or get a lot, the choice is yours and either way, the quality is always superb! All NW Cloud Talk DIDs are T.38 compliant with awesome fax delivery from 2 to 500 pages!

  • Inbound only – PDF 2 Email
  • Traditional Fax to Fax
  • Fax – Store – Forward Solution
  • HIPAA Compliant


Triple the amount of agent talk time with prospects, auto-detect no answers, busy signals, voice mail, fax machines and quick disconnects with the NW Cloud Talk hosted predictive dialing and SMS solution,

  • Throttle concurrent calls
  • Auto Redial Feature
  • Multiple IVR Scripts | Reports
  • SMS Broadcasting Option



NW Cloud Talk offers a comprehensive suite of cloud telephony solutions to increase productivity at every business level.

  • Hosted Call Center Solutions
  • Predictive Dialer & SMS
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
  • Soft Reception Console
  • IP Fax Solutions
  • Virtual Office Attendant
  • CRM | MS Outlook Integration


The NW Cloud Talk Virtual Office portal is an essential tool for businesses with multiple entities within a single location. Phone numbers (DID’s) are listed and tagged within the interface to pop a custom screen display when the number is called. The screen displays the appropriate messaging for the receptionist to greet the caller.


NW Cloud Talk Salesforce integration is a hosted CRM application integration that manages key communication directly within Salesforce Enterprise. This unique app automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data into Salesforce.com while providing incoming and outgoing call popups and note-taking that syncs with Salesforce basic functions.


NW Cloud Talk offers and integrated click to call functionality directly within MS Outlook using SIP TAPI from Source Forge. Businesses can now click and dial contacts within Outlook to instantly place the IP phone on hook and dial the desired phone number. Increase productivity and automate processes within your business.

ReachUC works on all your devices

Reach UC

With ReachUC, our smartphone app brings the ultimate connectivity to your business phone extension. Twin your smartphone, iPad or tablet and take your desktop phone extension with you anywhere and get the mobility and productivity you demand in today’s competitive environment.

  • FREE download from APP Store and Google Play
  • SMS Texting for your business
  • PBX functionality available
  • Switch calls from app to desk to mobile on the fly
  • Call recording available
  • Access user portal and settings

Click here for more information on ReachUC.



NW Cloud Talk Web Conferencing is our comprehensive turnkey web conferencing service hosted by NW Cloud Talk enabling:

  • Web Presentations
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Multi-Presenter Seminars
  • Multi-User Video
  • Remote Desktop Supporting
  • White Boarding
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Branded Landing Pages


Reduce your monthly phone bill and keep using your existing phones

SIP Trunks are like dial tone over the Internet. Instead of using traditional copper phone lines that connect back to the phone company for calls, SIP Trunks use VoIP technology to make and receive calls over the Internet.

Click here for more information on SIP Trunks.


Delivering online presentations, conducting audio and video conferencing or simply using desktop screen share for IT support is simplified with the NW Cloud Talk Web Conferencing platform. Instantly conduct meetings and add participants on the fly, all on your personal branded landing page without any messy plugins or downloads.


Being agile in business is being better. With NW Cloud Talk Web Conferencing solutions schedule meetings via the calendar in just seconds and click the tools you need to communicate effectively. Private IM chat to select participants, use the annotation pen to focus attention on the subject and send files instantly to participants with just a click!


We have integrated the audio conferencing infrastructure of our voice control platform into our web and video platform to provide users multiple access points across PSTN, mobile and VoIP carrier networks. Dial in from home phones, smartphones, computers, iPads, virtually any device on any OS.

Best Cloud Features & Service

Select your package below or contact us today for a free no obligation cloud consultation. You can also schedule an appointment at our office in Clackamas, Oregon to test equipment and features.

We Offer Several Phones to Choose From

Yealink T29G Deskphone

Features a 4.3″ color display, ten paperless DSS keys, dual-port gigabit ethernet, and a USB port to add Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality.

Yealink T27G Deskphone

Features a 3.7″ black and white display, eight paperless DSS keys, dual-port gigabit ethernet, and a USB port to add Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality.

Yealink T23G Deskphone

Features a 2.8″ black and white display, three paperless DSS keys, dual-port gigabit ethernet. A simple, entry-level phone that is very affordable.

Yealink T48S

Yealink T48S Deskphone

The SIP-T48S IP Phone offers a large seven-inch touch screen for executives and professionals.

Yealink T46S

Yealink T46S Deskphone

The SIP-T46S IP Phone is our best selling, general purpose office phone.

Yealink T42S

Yealink T42S Deskphone

The SIP-T42S IP phone is a simple phone that works well for breakrooms and lobbies.

Yealink T58V

Yealink T58V Deskphone

The Yealink SIP-T58V is a simple-to-use smart media phone that provides an enriched HD audio and video calling experience for business professionals.

Yealink T54S

Yealink T54S Deskphone

Especially designed for high-end office users, Yealink SIP-T54S is an ease-of-use Media IP Phone with a distinctive appearance and structure.

Yealink W60P

Yealink W60P Cordless Handset

The Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P enhances communication productivity for on-the-move employees in industries such as warehousing, catering and retail as well as in factory settings.

All NW Cloud Talk Seats Include:

big green checkmark
  • Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
  • Music on hold
  • Caller ID
  • Online Portal Access
  • Call Forwarding
  • Hold / Call Park
  • Single Sign-on

Which Option is Best?

NW Cloud Talk offers three choices for your business needs. What is best depends on your budget. Most customers choose our Cloud Office seat for their employees.



Cloud Simple

Cloud Office

Cloud Premium

call blocking

Spam Call Blocking
Block any incoming number that you do not want to ring your phone.

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

Auto Attendant
Dial by menu to help routing incoming calls.
“For sales, press 1… service, press 2…”

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

e911 Service
Provided for all seats.

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

Available system-wide for any telephone number. Forward to any cell number or voicemail.

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

HD Voice
Rich, full audio. If you haven’t heard HD Voice calls, you’ll be impressed by the sound quality.

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

Allows you to call co-workers and ring their desk phone or announce through their speakerphone.

Green Check
Green Check
Green Check

Simultaneous Ring
Ability to ring all the phones on your extension at the same time.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check

Instant Messaging & Presence
Communicate with coworkers by instant message through your online portal.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check
DID Number

Direct Dial Phone Number
Numbers available for most areas in the United States.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check

Amazon Alexa™ Integration
Have Alexa call someone using your deskphone.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check

Call Logs
See reports of call history.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check

Answering Rules
Customize your phone to ring depending on your schedule.

Yellow Check
Green Check
Green Check
ReachUC Logo

ReachUC Mobile App
Use your smartphone like your desk phone. Make and receive calls using your business number.

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Yellow Check
Green Check

SMS for Business (Texting)
Allow customers to text your business directly and you can reply from your PC or smartphone.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Green Check

Audio Conference Room
Dial the number and enter your PIN, it’s as easy as that. Includes 300 minutes. Larger plans available.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Green Check

Voicemail Transcription
You’ll receive an email with a text copy of your message.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Green Check

Internet Fax Options
Instant Fax Portal. Includes 100 Pages.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Green Check

Web Conference Room
Audio Conferences: up to 50 participants.
Web Conferences: up to 32 participants.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Yellow Check

Video Camera Security
With cloud monitoring. Several camera and viewing options available.

Yellow Check
Yellow Check
Yellow Check

ACD / Call Center
Rotate incoming calls evenly among your call groups. Option to allow callers to receive a call back.

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Yellow Check
Yellow Check

Toll-Free Numbers
New toll-free numbers available or port your existing number in.

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Yellow Check
Yellow Check









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