Compare Phone System Types

On Premise Cloud / Hosted Hybrid
Auto Attendant Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Optional Optional Optional
Call Accounting Optional Yes Optional
Call Forwarding Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Optional Optional
Caller ID Yes Yes Yes
Conference Bridge Included in some systems Optional Included in some systems
CRM Integration Optional Optional Optional
Customizable Music / Commercial On Hold Included in some systems Yes Included in some systems
Headset Connecivity Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Cordless Phones Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Integration Optional Optional Optional
Multi Location Yes Yes Yes
Music On Hold Yes Yes Yes
Online Portal No Yes No
Paging Systems Yes Optional Yes
Quick Page Yes No Yes
Smart Phone APP Yes Yes Yes
Soft Phone – Answer Calls from PC Yes Yes Yes
Supports Conference Phones Yes Yes Yes
Video Conferencing Optional Optional Optional
Virtual Answer Yes No Yes
Visual Voice Mail Yes No Yes
Voice Mail Yes Yes Yes
Voice Mail to Email Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Business Phones Yes No Yes
Wireless Conference Phones Yes Optional Yes

Still Need Help Deciding?

Here are five questions that can help you determine what system might be right for you.

1. Does your company focus on long-term or short-term expenses?

  • On-Premise:
    • After three years of use, tends to be a better value
    • Large one-time purchase and own
  • Cloud:
    • First year expenses are generally lower
    • Smaller ongoing monthly payments

2. Do you have IT resources?

  • On-Premise:
    • Your IT team will assume responsibility
    • Local Applications and data
    • Locally administrated systems
    • Do-it-yourself upgrades
  • Cloud:
    • Provider will be responsible for fixing issues
    • Offsite applications and data
    • Reduced system administration needs
    • Provider Manages Upgrades

3. How is your company setup?

  • On-Premise:
    • One main office or building
    • Localized Upgrades
    • Storage and network already in place
  • Cloud:
    • Multiple offices and/or buildings
    • Upgrade Process is Simpler
    • Private cloud connection or reliable and secure internet required

4. Do you need to integrate your phone system?

  • On-Premise:
    • Multiple integrations
    • Growing and intricate
    • Changing with communication both ways
  • Cloud:
    • Few, or no integrations
    • Specific and known
    • Fixed and uni-directional

5. Has your company had experience with Cloud?

  • On-Premise:
    • Little to no experience with Cloud
    • Business software is installed locally
    • Cloud applications are seen as risky
  • Cloud:
    • You’re currently using other cloud services
    • Cloud model is understood and accepted
    • Management approves support for Cloud

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