What solution is right for you?

On-Premise Phone Systems


This is your traditional in-house phone system. All the phone lines run into a box, typically in a closet.

  • You want to own your phone system
  • Usually cabling is already installed
  • Can be either digital or VoIP

Cloud / Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud / Hosted

Have you heard of VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol? This is a newer solution where the phones connect over the internet instead of phone lines.

  • Good for startups & small businesses
  • Lower introductory costs
  • Easy to connect multiple locations

Hybrid Phone Systems


A hybrid system is an on-premise system with the flexibility of adding in features found on a cloud system.

  • Can work with existing infrastructures
  • Connect multiple offices via VoIP
  • Supports more technologies

Our Method

Northwest Telecom does it better

We understand how important your phone system is to your business. For 35 years, Northwest Telecom has provided innovative solutions for our clients.

Listen to your needs

Step 1
Listen to your needs

Many providers will try to convince you that their product or solution is the best. You may be shown a brochure listing hundreds of features when what you care about is how the system is going to benefit your business specifically.

Evaluate your system

Step 2
Evaluate your system

We can evaluate your existing system as well as your voice and data providers, and talk with you about your needs - both current and future.

Design a solution

Step 3
Design a solution

With that information we can design a business communication system that addresses your specific needs and let you know about options that can be of benefit to you. Every business is unique and has specific needs.

We Helped A Client Save Over $50,000

Northwest Telecom helped a large metropolitan area auto dealership with several locations utilize their existing infrastructure, and networked all four of their locations while saving them over $50,000.

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