Top 7 Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Phones for Business

As new technology evolves, we are becoming more connected than ever and small businesses are taking advantage of the new flexible features and cost-effective solutions that cloud-based phone systems offer. At Northwest Telecom, it’s our job to keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest tech and phone systems so your business can flourish. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider switching to cloud-based phone systems for your business along with some funny memes for your entertainment. Enjoy.

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1. Scalable to Your Needs

Cloud-based business phone systems give you limitless scalability when adding new lines, services, and features. With our cloud phone systems, you can easily add numbers, change extensions, manage voicemails, and everything else you need with just a few clicks. This scalability gives you the freedom to grow your business with all the tools at your fingertips.

Small Business Cloud Phone Systems in Portland

2. Cost-Effective

Cost is usually one of the top factors small business look at when moving to cloud-based phone systems. With such scalability, cloud phone systems save you money because you only pay for the services you need, at a fraction of the price. Historically, business phone systems required large investments of capital and regular maintenance costs. Today, cloud-based phone systems are taking over the marketplace because the upfront cost is minimal and the regular maintenance is covered in your service package.

Old Phone Systems vs Cloud Based Phones

3. No IT Team Required

One more reason cloud-based phone systems are cost-effective is that they do not require an IT team to operate. All you have to do is plug in your Cloud-Based Phone into power and internet, or connect wirelessly, and with a few clicks, you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

Portable Cloud Phone Systems

4. Portable

Portability is one of the top reason small business owners love cloud-based phone systems. With normal phone lines, you have to be in the office just to receive a call. Cloud-based phone systems give you the freedom to make a call from anywhere that you have internet. This makes them ideal for business professionals on the move, traveling sales reps, and many other executive or management positions within many companies. Cloud-based phone systems are also highly utilized by the “work-from-home” segment of professionals who perform most of their daily tasks from the comfort of their own home.

Work From Home with Cloud Based Phone Systems

5. No More Missed Calls

Because cloud-based phone systems are so portables, you bring your phones with you nearly everywhere. However, if you do choose to leave your phone at the office or in the condo, it’s easy to forward calls to your cell instantly. With remote access online, you can redirect phone lines at any time from anywhere.

Phone System Tracking in Cloud

6. Remote Access & Tracking

As a business owner, knowing what’s going on is vital to the success of your company. Cloud-based phone systems give you the distinct advantage of being able to track the calls placed/received from each line. This gives owners and sales managers the ability to track outside sales representatives efforts or others working in the field.

Small Business Cloud Phone System Portland Oregon

7. Cloud Gives Small Business the Edge

Small businesses are switching to cloud-based phone systems at an alarming rate because the benefits are too great to ignore. Millions of people are now using cloud-based phones to save time and money which is continuing to drive the industry to evolve with even better features and larger storage capacity. Small business owners who switch to cloud-based phones systems enjoy flexible plans and scalable solutions at a huge saving over traditional phones lines which means their popularity will continue to grow with the business who utilize them.

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