Traditional Phone Systems vs Cloud Phone Systems for Business

Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems vs Traditional Phones

Cloud-based phone system use is on the rise within the small business community and we’re going to compare a few pros and cons of cloud-based phone systems vs traditional...

Cost Effective Cloud Based Small Business Phone Systems Portland Oregon - 2

Top 7 Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Phones for Business

As new technology evolves, we are becoming more connected than ever and small businesses are taking advantage of the new flexible features and cost-effective solutions that cloud-based phone systems...

The Desk Phone Isn’t Dead

Written by Megan Szukala | September 13, 2017; 3:14 PM We reject the idea that the desk phone is dead. It’s still a critical part of the business communications...

Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing – What It Is, How You Can Protect Yourself, and How It Can Be Helpful

Caller ID spoofing has long since garnered infamy as a tool used for prank calling, scamming, and, most recently, swatting. And with the emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol...

Samsung WLAN for Business

Samsung’s WLAN Solution

Even in-home wifi has always been a bit of a crapshoot, but running a business on it? As the infamous Michael Felgate would strugglingly say: “Fo’get about it.” Samsung...

Smart Handover

Samsung SCM Phone System

The SCM Compact solution solves mobility management challenges in a cost effective manner that won’t drain your time or company resources. Why Choose the Samsung SCM? There are many...

ePhone 7 Business Phone

The New ePhone 7

The latest and greatest in business communication technology has arrived: the ePhone7, the most recent product from ESI, the thought leaders in business communication innovation. ESI just brought the...

Answering and Placing Calls on an ESI Phone

A short video from ESI on the basics of answering and placing calls using your ESI phone system.

Transferring Calls on an ESI Business Phone

A short video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) showing how easy it is to transfer calls using an ESI phone system.

Personal Greeting Keys on an ESI Business Telephone

A video from ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) showing how to set up Personal Greeting Keys on your ESI system phone, so you can simply choose the greeting that’s appropriate...