The New ePhone 7

The latest and greatest in business communication technology has arrived: the ePhone7, the most recent product from ESI, the thought leaders in business communication innovation. ESI just brought the industry into the 21st century with a game-changing new office phone, the winner of the 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year.

What makes the ePhone7 so great? It starts with the innovation that arose from a simple question ESI began asking, “Why do our work phones more closely resemble something Alexander Graham Bell would have used than they do the half-pound supercomputers we all carry around in our pockets? Why is there such a significant technology gap between our work phones and our personal ones?”

ESI’s solution: the revolutionary ePhone7.


ePhone 7 Business Phone

The ePhone7 combines your standard office phone with a smart screen tablet that completely changes and upgrades the functionality of a work phone. For the most part, everyone these days has smart phones, so the swiping user interface is much more familiar and intuitive than previous models. It also lends itself easily to customization. No longer will you be stuck with the same button-mashing shortcuts and star codes.

ESI touts the ePhone7 as “A unique smartphone experience. It makes using your desk phone as simple and intuitive as your mobile device.”

For larger businesses, the ePhone7 is perfect for managing all your contacts, both internal and external. People can be easily sorted into various categories based on their name or job title so that looking up individual contacts or conducting conference calls requires little time or effort.

If you have a large directory, you no longer have to lose time scrolling through hundreds of contacts to find the right one. Instead, the contact information can be pulled up using a simple search on the touch screen. That contact info can immediately display email, and phone number.

Tired of complicated button programming? Fed up with blind voicemails? With the ePhone7, you won’t have to worry about any of that. It’s easy to access, transfer, hold and park plus it features one-click recording. Visual voicemail makes the process of listening and replying to a message so much easier than the cumbersome password-filled method before.

Maybe most importantly, the ePhone7 can be easily synced up to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Emails and contacts can be easily shifted over, and calls can be transferred to your mobile phone when you know you’ll be out of the office. If you feel the need to unplug for a while, you can simply disconnect your devices from the ePhone7 until you’re ready to sync again.

If you think the ePhone7 would be perfect for your business, give Northwest Telecom a call today and we’ll get help you figure out if it’s right for you! (503) 243-2255


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