Samsung’s WLAN Solution

Even in-home wifi has always been a bit of a crapshoot, but running a business on it? As the infamous Michael Felgate would strugglingly say: “Fo’get about it.” Samsung is here to change that with their new WLAN business solution, Samsung Wireless Enterprise. With the capability to handle tens, hundreds, even thousands of devices at a time while also emphasizing quality, security, and accessibility, Samsung is paving the way to the home and business offices of the future – and the future is wireless.

Freedom to Move

Office layout is essential to productivity, and different layouts work for different people and different teams. Finding the perfect setup for you and your team can take serious time – time you won’t have if you have to commit to running network lines through your floor or ceiling. With Samsung’s wireless desk phones, you have the freedom to move desks and rearrange your office space as you and your team see fit until you find the most productive arrangement … and then rearrange it again a month later when you find something that works even better.

No Holes In Your Building, No Holes In Your Budget

Not needing to anchor your whole staff to a bad layout with phone lines and ethernet cords is one thing, not paying to anchor your staff to a bad layout with phone lines and ethernet cords in another. Between labor and supplies, installing network cables and wires can cost thousands of dollars, and you can’t take any of it with you when you relocate to that bigger office you’ve had your eye on. With Samsung Wireless Enterprise, there’s no need for all those intrusive and expensive wires, and you can safely direct that money towards other business-advancing ventures.

Then again, I know if my staff had their way we would spend the money on adding a beer tap to the break room, which would just be unprofessional, of course …

… On second thought …

Consistent Quality, Constant Security

On top of its accessibility and cost-effectiveness, Samsung WLAN provides unprecedented quality, control, and security. Features such as AirMove and AirEqualizer together guarantee a smooth transition between Wireless access points while maintaining a fast and fair connection across up to 64 devices per access point. This is especially essential for media businesses where constant audio and video upload and download requires constant and consistent signal.

In terms of security, Samsung WLAN access points come equipped with a dedicated security RF monitoring chip. With this, Samsung Wireless Enterprise APs combine the two types of WIPS, which allows for constant real-time monitoring and maximized performance at reduced design costs (reduced design costs which are passed on to you, the consumer, as savings).


For more on the Samsung Wireless Enterprise Solution, including full technical specifications and information about security, VoIP, and more, you can check out their online booklet. For all your other phone and internet needs, contact NW Telecom today!

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